Tablet Screen Protectors

Safeguard your tablet with RAPT screen protectors.

RAPT™ Tablet Screen Protector Works 24-7.

No other tablet screen protector works harder and more effectively round-the-clock than RAPT™. Developed with space-age technology, RAPT™ is an impervious barrier that protects your tablet's LCD from all kinds of use and abuse. Check out this exceptional screen protector and say goodbye to environmental hazards that can destroy any tablet LCD. Clearly, RAPT™ is the ultimate defender in tablet screen protection.


Your RAPT™ Tablet Screen Protector

is essentially "invisible."

provides optimum, distortion-free clarity.

offers maximum protection against shock, scrapes, scuffs and other "public enemies."

offers maximum durability

withstands the most rugged environments.

makes tablets easier to hold and harder to drop.

offers easy, do-it-yourself installation.