Cell Phone Screen Protectors

Use RAPT to protect your cell phone screen.

RAPT™: New Standard Among Cell Phone Screen Protectors

The most advanced technology in cell phone screen protectors, RAPT™ is affordable, durable and carefree. Let's face it — our cells go with us everywhere. Now there's a custom designed and specially formulated barrier to safeguard your new LCD for as long as you own it. No scratching scuffing or scraping. RAPT™ is the ultimate defender in cell phone screen protection.


Your RAPT™ Cell Phone Screen Protector

is essentially "invisible."

provides optimum, distortion-free clarity.

offers maximum protection against shock, scrapes, scuffs and other "public enemies."

offers maximum durability

withstands the most rugged environments.

makes cell phones easier to hold and harder to drop.

offers easy, do-it-yourself installation.