About Us

RAPT is a Clear Defense product.Our Mission Was Clear

Established in 1990, Clear Defense®LLC has since carved its reputation as a recognized force in security laminates, bringing over 50 years of collective experience to a business that delivers life enhancing benefits. For nearly 20 years we have served two ambitious goals — to manufacture the ultimate polymer coating for sports glass and unique governmental and institutional glass protection, as well as glass performance enhancements. In addition, we determined to bring state-of-the-art products and technology to discriminating owners, building developers and facility managers. Headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., we have emerged as a comprehensive leader, serving private and public sector clients, nationally and internationally. Now we bring this same expertise to the digital street with RAPT™, hands-down the premier electronic device barrier on the market.

Proprietary technology thwarts terrorism and natural/man-made disasters.

PowerPlate® installations protect hockey players, officials and fans.

Our Superboard® system promotes flying dunks not flying glass.

RAPT uses Clear Defense technology.For A World At Risk, Discover An Invisible Force At Work.

A technological innovator in glass security, Clear Defense® has a single, stated purpose — protect people and places from the risks associated with man-made violence and natural catastrophe. The efficacy of Clear Defense® security laminates has been proved to excel worldwide under the most demanding conditions. Nowhere is this claim more evident than in the experience of the U.S. Military as it conducts combat operations in the Middle East. And at home, our proprietary technology continues to support the Department of Homeland Security by safeguarding property and lives. With proprietary technology that has proved effective time and time again, we confidently work to safeguard property, minimize damage, enhance privacy, thwart electronic surveillance, reduce injury and ultimately save lives.