What you should know about RAPT™

RAPT Nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology Raises The Bar

RAPT™ is the ultimate defender in digital screen protection. In fabricating this impervious substrate, Clear Defense® adapted a technological breakthrough used by NASA to protect the Space Shuttle Orbiter. Nanotechnology elevates performance and enables RAPT™ to withstand the most rugged environments.


is essentially "invisible."

provides optimum, distortion-free clarity.

offers maximum protection against shock, scrapes, scuffs and other "public enemies."

offers maximum durability

withstands the most rugged environments.

makes digital tablets easier to hold and harder to drop.

offers easy, do-it-yourself installation.

Take RAPT™ To All The Wrong Places

That’s right! RAPT™ fits in just about anywhere. At the beach. On a factory floor. At a dusty construction site. It travels anywhere without fear. You’ll discover that this valuable barrier makes your device easier to hold and harder to drop. And if it does happen to take a spill, RAPT™ offers maximum protection.

Note: Clear Defense does not warrant against shattering or cracking of tablet screens resulting from sharp blows and other violent treatment. Full warranty information included with package.

Installing RAPT.Looks Can Be Deceiving

By no means are all polymers created equal. More opaque before installation, RAPT™ delivers absolute, distortion-free clarity. In addition, some competitive products have only a scratch resistant coating like a layer of paint. What's so different about RAPT™ is that it's extruded to allow protection through and through the thickness of the substrate. So don't be fooled by pretenders. When you demand the ultimate protection on the market, get RAPT™ by Clear Defense®, the choice of serious users.